Friday, April 23, 2010

Chirp Chirp,,, All Quiet on the Western Front

yep... it's been quiet around here.

I think my blogging days are numbered. When we were in the throes of adoption, this was a great way to unload those confusing, frustrating, joyful and sad thoughts and feelings. It was also a great place to share our family happenings.

Selam has been home with us over 8 months now. We are finding our new normal and settling in nicely. With both Mark and I working, 4 kids in school (Al in daycare full time), 3 in sports ... well, free time is practically non-existent. When we do squeeze a few drops, both Mark and I have been investing a little more into some new hobbies, which has been good for us.

The truth is - I still have a lot to share. Lots of thoughts and feelings, especially about adopting an older child. And thoughts and feelings about our first adoption - completed OVER TWO YEARS AGO - wow. And yet, I'm feeling very hesitant. I think that sharing these experiences, concerns and joyful moments would have a lot of value for other families. Maybe for moms in my position - or prospective parents, searching for more information before taking the leap. I know I SCOURED blogs during both our processes.

But I can't.

Maybe it's Selam's age. And the other kids are getting older. And we've shared real names. And photos. And personal information. This blog is far from anonymous. And although I think that being honest and sharing would have value - for me perhaps, for other parents - I think there is too much risk to my kids. And their needs trump right now.

I guess if there is anyone left out there reading (which I kinda doubt!) that would like to talk (or email) with someone about older child adoption or the like, I'd love to do it. Please leave a comment and we'll figure out how to connect. But I'm not comfortable putting our lives out here quite as openly as I am tempted to.

So, for the time being at least, I don't plan to pull the blog down. It's now about 3 years old (!) and the thought of deleting it makes me sad! But I may. Or, I may pop back in now and then. I've learned to never say never. Maybe now that I've posted this, I'll get all kinds of inspiration (and time!) .

For now, I'll just say that I do not regret starting this blog, silly as I thought it was at the time. :) It got me through some really hard times. And it meant a lot to share those with you. And the joyful times - you sharing our joy just made us feel exponentially happier. The friends and the connections have been priceless.

Thank you for all your love and support.

I guess we'll just see where things go from here...