Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

Not quite sure what Hana was paranoid about (?),
but everyone seemed to enjoy the night! :)


Leslie said...

What great costumes! They look so cute!

Cat and Mark said...

My favorite parts about their costumes:

1. All stuff we had around home (other than new angel wings and sparkley pipe cleaners)

2. The costume Hana is wearing is the same costume I wore in 1st grade! My mom made it. My then-3 year old sister had a matching on that I tried to get Ally to wear. Nope - she was going to be a princess whether I liked it or not!

3. The dress that Grace wore is one my mom made for me for my first communion in second grade! Talk about some wear we are getting out of those clothes!

4. I was super excited we had a princess costume to fit Selam ... because not sure what else we would've came up with. the only thing she could think of was a princess, so fortunately, it worked out.

5. Abi wanted to be a gorilla. Thankfully, he settled for spiderman. All the gorilla makes I found (not many) were gross, scary, too big, too expensive, and/or looked nothing like a gorilla.