Sunday, November 1, 2009

Enjoying Fall

Okay, well, the camera with our Halloween photos has a dead battery, so I'll just share a couple of recent photos of the kids - carving pumpkins, cider mill with friends and who knows what else...

Kids carving. Not sure why Abi looks like a demon and Grace looks like a pirate, but ah well. :o) You will not find Ally in these photos because she would have NOTHING to do with the pumpkin guts. Abi wasn't thrilled either, but Aunt Julie kept him busy. ;o)
Finished products!

Family movie night.

Cider Mill Fun

Hana's getting tall!

Ally and Abi cheesin' it up.

More photos to come! :)


Denise said...

Love the pics. Your family movie night looks really cozy. :)

Andrea said...

Ah, I love it! lol Hey we love pumpkin guts at our place, even got in a pumpkin gut throwing fight THAT was a mess ;o)
The kids are beautiful! ;o)