Saturday, October 3, 2009

a REAL update

Okay, I suck at blogging these days.

Sue me. ;o)

It's not for lack of content. We've certainly been busy. But actually putting it into words seems daunting. So many things that I want catch up on. But how to decide... I guess I'll try. ;o) Here's a random, incomplete summary of my thoughts as of late.

Older child adoption is amazing. It's incredibly rewarding and just ... great. BUT that generalized statement is misleading, I suppose. A more accurate statement is that Selam is amazing. How seamlessly she fits into our lives is astounding and incredible. She has been home over 2 months now and it is just getting better. Dare I hope that this isn't a honeymoon- this is just our life?

She is sweet and smart and funny. She sincerely wants to love us and wants us to love her. For those families that have not experienced attachment problems, it is hard to understand how huge this is. To be perfectly frank, she has opened herself up more completely than even Abi and Hana did. She truly wants to be our daughter.

If I'm being really honest, the hardest part of the adoption (thus far) is ME. Well, that's not quite fair either. The hardest part for me, is figuring out how to parent a 12 year old. Sometimes, I am just confused! fortunately, she really doesn't push anything. She doesn't demand things, she tends to go with the flow of the family (you would not BELIEVE how many PBS shows she watches with Ally in a given week). Mostly it's just me - my neurosis, my temper, my confusion, whatever.

But she puts up with me. all of it. Sure, she gets annoyed with me. Sometimes mad. Sometimes very oversensitive. Sometimes I'm over sensitive. ;o) But overall... things are just so... good.

I know you thought we were crazy. Barely in our late 20s, adopting a 12 year old (as our 5th child - and 4 girls! Maybe that is a bit crazy...). But you know, we've been told we are crazy for years. And that hasn't stopped us yet.

I can very honestly say that we are doing great.


Jennifer said...

You sound crazy in the best of ways! So glad to hear how well Selam is doing.

Denise said...

Sounds wonderful!!!! Selam sounds like she's such a nice girl, can't wait to meet her sometime soon.

Jillienne said...

We are all a little crazy, it might as well be the good kind of crazy!

HMK said...

I'm so glad that you guys are doing so well! :D

PositivelyOrphaned said...

This is such wonderful news. I keep hearing wonderful older child adoption stories lately, and I'm starting to wonder....maybe.