Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soccer Mom

It's official. I have entered the world of the soccer mom. So far we've been able to take it slow, but it's ramping up. Selam and Hana are both playing this year, so that's 2 night of practice each week (one for each) and Saturday games - sometimes all day. And Selam being on the under 13 league has to travel to some other local YMCAs to play. Sigh. I wasn't quite ready for all that!

But it's really fun to watch them play. Hana's first game was last Saturday (Selam had a by-week) and she did really great. Her team didn't win, but she scored her team's only goal and was pretty proud of herself! For never really playing before, she did very well. I was really happy to see it as she has become really shy around other kids she doesn't know well and needs the confidence booster. Here's a few shots from the game.

Hana is in the white shirt with the blue underneath. Here she is totally stealing the ball and heading downfield.

Thirsty girl! You also get a pretty good shot of her missing teeth. She had to have her top teeth pulled last summer, but she just lost her first tooth on her own last week (that bottom one) and was so excited!

Can you tell who played photographer to keep herself entertained?

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