Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We were fortunate to have such a wonderful bonding weekend just prior to starting school. We took the opportunity to spend some time together relaxing as a family and were able to spend some quality time with Mark's parents up at their cabin. The kids had a BALL. The weather was amazing (best of the summer) so we spent basically 2 full days on the water.

I came home exhausted, yet rejuvinated. ;o)

Could the kids be much cuter?

Lovin' the water.
Selam did not so much love getting her knee cut open by a zebra mussel though. :(

hanging out on the back of Uncle John's boat

Selam loved the boat ride!

Fishing. Patiently. :)

Sleepyheads! Not sure HOW they could nod off with the boat flying across the lake, but they slept HARD.

Hunting for frogs.

Celebrating her birthday a little late.

Look at that smile! Ally kept yelling at her grandpa to "go fast"!


Emily B. said...

Fun! And I love Hana's missing tooth... too cute :)

Denise said...

I LOVE all those pictures. The all American summer in one weekend. Adorable kids!!!!

Holly said...

What wonderful pictures! My Ellie zonks out on my in-law's boat all the time... crazy!