Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School!

I can't believe it.

The house is silent (other than the dog snoring). It's a little creepy. I miss them all already. And it's 9:30!

That's right - all 5 kids headed off to school today. Here's the run-down:

Selam - 6th grade

Grace - 3rd grade

Hana - 1st grade

Abi - Kindergarten

Ally - preschool/daycare

Can't believe my little boy is already in kindergarten. We've all been a little nervous - Abi in particular. I didn't want to rush him. Our district has a Young 5s option that I thought would be perfect for him (basically 2 years of Kindergarten instead) - after all, he just turned 5 in June. But the Young 5s was limited to Sept - Dec birthdays. :( I thought they might make an exception, given he's only been speaking English for the last 15 months or so. But nope.

We decided that putting him in kindergarten was the best choice. If he really isn't ready, we'll pull him out and put him in a pre-k program at Ally's daycare twice each week and give him some more time. But I think he's ready. He just needs some confidence. And he really needs some friends. Some boys. The poor guy puts up with a LOT of estrogen... He has a busy day today though! Normally he goes every day ½ days. But, to match Al’s schedule (and mine – see below), on Tues and Thurs he goes to an extra K program and comes home on the bus. Unfortunately, we started on a Tuesday so he’s got a long day! Should sleep well tonight!

And yup, Ally is going to "school" twice a week too. I decided I needed 2 days a week for work related stuff (more on that in a future post...) and just couldn't quite do what I needed to do with her home full time (namely, make phone calls and meet during business hours...). And I know that she'll benefit from structure and rules that dont' just come from mom and dad. She's the youngest in her 3 year old class (she's not quite 3 yet) but I am pretty sure she'll hold her own. ;o) I just hope she doesn't bully anyone! I dropped her off after the other kiddos were at school. She didn't even want me to come in with her!
She relented since I was carrying her stuff. But after a quick hug and a kiss she was off to look at the frogs and play with the toy food. I think she’ll be just fine.

Grace is in 3rd grade this year. In a lot of ways, she will always be my “baby” and I can’t believe she is 8 years old and one of the big kids at school! She was very excited to start the year. I am very proud of her – her best friends are in a different class than her, but it doesn’t even phase her. She knows she can still play with them on the playground and have them over. She’s looking forward to making some new friends. She has just grown so much over the past couple of years, really maturing and developing as a wonderful little person. I love it.

And Miss Hana. Wow. First grade. She’s been VERY excited to start going full days. And what a resilient kid. She didn’t make any really close girlfriends last year in kindergarten. She tends to roll with the boys a bit easier (which make sense since Abi is her best friend – she just loves to run and play and dig in the dirt and catch bugs). But she had no concerns about starting school at all. She’s excited for a new class, a new start and new friends. I really hope she’ll find a nice girl to buddy up to so she can start having some play dates and sleepovers!

And my dear Selamawit.
Sixth grade. I am just speechless at HAVING a sixth grader. She is very excited. I thought she would be a bit more nervous to be honest (I know I would be! Seriously – a new school after being in
America only 5 weeks?!?). But Selam is just excited to get started and meet some friends. She is a bit nervous about the language and what not – she hates when she says the wrong thing or cant’ remember a word. But her confidence level is generally very high. She was extremely popular in Ethiopia and I have no doubt she will be here too once she finds her footing. She is just one of those kids that you are attracted to – she draws people in. She has a bright smile and kind eyes. I’m just so proud of how far she’s come so quickly. I’m nervous for her, navigating the world of the 5/6 School… but I also trust her instincts and I trust her to ask for help if she needs it.

I have such wonderful kids!!!


Denise said...

All your kids in school!!! That's amazing. I liked reading about each child and what's going on with them, you've got some pretty neat kids.

I'm also looking forward to hearing more about your business ventures. :)

Thankfulmom said...

Wow! So much change in such a short time. I'm excited for you and happy to see everybody looking so good and ready to go.


Andrea said...

Oh I love it! What beautiful kids you have! So proud of Selamawit ready for school so soon! ;o) Yes High School with girls is scary...lol Good thing I only have one for now. I will say an extra prayer for you...lol