Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still pretty geeked...




Now I can't wait to finalize travel plans! I wish things could be set in stone a little quicker! (aren't I the epitome of patience? ha!)

Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments, emails and facebook messages! It makes this whole experience even more fun knowing that others are celebrating with us! :)


Holly said...

Hey, you had to have an extraordinary amt. of patience up to this point, so I think it's okay to be out of patience! :)

Donovan and Julie said...

Oh I am just now getting caught up on your exciting news. WHEW and CONGRATS! She looks so happy! How fantastic to finally be moving forward...excited to hear your travel plans!

Matthew and Amanda said...

I keep sneaking back here for little glimpses of her - seriously incredibly beautiful! Can't wait to see you finally hold her.


Bethany said...

Wow - just got the big news. This is INCREDIBLE! So super happy for you. I'll be following along as you travel and she comes home. CONGRATS!!!