Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Branching Out

Well, we started this blog to chronicle our adoption experience, but it has really turned into a "life" blog. For some reason, this drives me nuts (I know, I'm dumb). Maybe because all the adoption news has been so depressing? Tends to drag down daily life a bit... :(

So, I have moved our "life" stuff over here (www.atypical-family.blogspot.com). Obviously I'll still be posting here since we are still in the middle of an adoption (sadly, for awhile more yet I fear) but I hope to gradually move to the "life" blog...

I posted a few things over there this morning to get it going. Feel free to check out my laundry solutions and one of the perks to being a mom in my house! :)

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Adam Gee said...

Your adoption experience makes fascinating (if slightly Kafkaesque at times!) reading. I have recently set up a website called Adoption Experience which focuses on learning from real people's real experiences. It's at http://adoptionexperience.channel4.com and we'd *really* welcome any insights you can share. Many people have been asking questions to which it sounds like your extensive first-hand experience may hold some answers and valuable guidance.