Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still pretty geeked...




Now I can't wait to finalize travel plans! I wish things could be set in stone a little quicker! (aren't I the epitome of patience? ha!)

Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful comments, emails and facebook messages! It makes this whole experience even more fun knowing that others are celebrating with us! :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Miracle

She is ours! She is ours! I can't come up with anything more coherent than that! :)

Welcome to our family Selamawit! :0)

Anxious already....

I hope we don't have to wait too long for court news! I'm anxious already. =(

Friday, June 12, 2009

Connections... and an Update!

We just got home a bit ago from a playdate at a fellow adoptive family's home. (Thanks so much for having us Mary!) It was quite a gathering (10 families? 15? More? No idea!) of families who have adopted from Ethiopia. Now, over the past few years I've gotten to know quite a few different families in the area that have adopted from ET - and yet, I didn't know a SINGLE person there when I first got there (and we were late...) I did end up knowing a few and made some new friends. But just goes to show how BIG the ET adoption community has grown - and continues to grow. Wonderful.

We had a lot of fun, played with some amazing kids, talked to some fabulous parents and just generally enjoyed ourselves. Just a great reminder to keep these connections open. I could share my court frustrations with people that actually understood! It was liberating. :)

As for my "update" ... I'm hesitant to even share it since I'm sure it will backfire on me! But I can't help but get my hopes up. I got an email from our agency yesterday - the documents we've been waiting for are in! This should give MOWA ample time to review and prepare the letter for court on Tuesday.

I'm realistic. These documents might not be what MOWA is looking for. Or there might be an error. Or MOWA may want even more information. Or the court could decide something else is missing. There is no guaranty that this is it.

But it has to happen eventually right? This really COULD be it????

If we pass on Tuesday, I think we would travel mid-July, but probably more likely the last week of July.

I cannot wait to have her home. I've just been missing her lately. All these things I was looking forward to sharing with her this summer. Camping. Beach. Catching the first lightening bugs. Family movie nights... there is just this empty spot where she is supposed to be.

We've got to be in the homestretch. Right? Right????

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Branching Out

Well, we started this blog to chronicle our adoption experience, but it has really turned into a "life" blog. For some reason, this drives me nuts (I know, I'm dumb). Maybe because all the adoption news has been so depressing? Tends to drag down daily life a bit... :(

So, I have moved our "life" stuff over here ( Obviously I'll still be posting here since we are still in the middle of an adoption (sadly, for awhile more yet I fear) but I hope to gradually move to the "life" blog...

I posted a few things over there this morning to get it going. Feel free to check out my laundry solutions and one of the perks to being a mom in my house! :)