Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What can I teach you about being black?

This is a topic I struggle with, especially since we have considered moving (and it would likely to be to an even less diverse school district...). So this poem was just so timely... I found it first on Angela's blog and then again over at Owlhaven. But the true credit goes to the author, Dorothy:

What can I teach you about being Black?
Not much,
Because I'm not.
But a I can teach you about pain,
And how to forgive peoples foolish words.
I can show you how to endure suffering,
So that through it Truth will be proclaimed.
I can love you and cry with you,
I can be the she-bear when you are threatened.
We can live where there is a rainbow of people,
and we can learn to love them together.
We can seek out the truth of history,
And not be afraid of the ugliness.
I can open your heart and your eyes
To the painful reality that comesclinging to the back of sin.
And in the end,
I can release you into your destiny,
And wait for you to come home,
With a fuller understanding of who you are
and what you are to be in your life.
Then I can listen as you teach me,
What it means to be Black.


KelseyChristine said...

that was really beautiful.

Donovan and Julie said...

Perfectly stated. Thanks for sharing this!

I just found your blog, but feel like I already know some of your story form the yahoo group...so sorry for all of the stress you have had to endure. Hoping to hear some good news from your family soon!