Saturday, April 25, 2009


We found out on Thursday that our case has been rescheduled for May 7.  Yes, the last possible date.  Apparently it was done very randomly by the judge - and no one questions that or asks for anything sooner.   

I'm beginning to think "proactive" is a bad word.

Even better, there was a further disclaimer - May 7 is an indefinite date, but they (agency) are fairly comfortable it will happen by then.

I'm not comfortable.

*S* sure as hell isn't.  She's wondering where the hell we are.  :(


I'm just so tired.  Tired of hoping.  Tired of waiting.  Tired of being disappointed.  Tired of no explanations/miscommunication/bad luck/bad timing.

Fingers crossed.  Prayers.  


Kathy said...

Oh Cat... Hugs.


Matthew and Amanda said...

I'm sorry. I will not give you a single platitude because I HATE them right now. This sucks.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry - I can only imagine how challenging and wearisome this is.


Cory and Margaret said...

UG! I am so sorry this is happening....I cannot even imagine!!

Leslie said...

I am so sorry, again. There aren't any good words for this. Thinking of you.

-C said...

Cat- I don't even know what to say, you must be so frustrated and tired of this roller coaster ride. I am thinking of you guys and hope that the 7th is the day that will finally bring S home to you.