Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, it gets better

Make sure to read this first.


We not pass because the MOWA letter wasn't there. Keep in mind, this letter should have been completed for our first court date December 3rd. So we are a full 4 months late on that one. And yet, no one can "do" anything about it.

But now, our agency has hired new legal counsel (which sounds like a good move). Although our agency was originally told otherwise, the power of attorney we executed for the old legal counsel is no longer acceptable (which I could've told you b/c that's how power of attorneys work, but whatever). So we have to have a new power of attorney document executed, notarized, marked with our state seal, sent to Washington D.C. for authentication at the Ethiopian embassy and get it over to Ethiopia all in time for our next court date.

Which is April 16.

So, on the one hand, I can't believe we have to wait, again, all the way to the middle of April. Yet, it will be cutting it very close to pull off all the bulls**t above in any less time.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I am trying so, so hard to not be angry and bitter. I know that doesn't fix this. But it is very difficult.

When all is said and done, *S* will arrive home a solid 6 months after she should have. And that is a very difficult pill to swallow.


Denise said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry. That's just pitiful that it's taking so long. I know you feel terrible and there's really nothing I can say to make that better. Let's hope this new legal counsel gets the job done and she can come home to you guys.

Holly said...

Cat I am soooo sorry! The other family who emailed you before, Shadley, they also failed to pass court AGAIN, and are also scheduled for April 16th. It is so frustrating....

Ferrick said...

There are no words I can give you, I know your heart is really hurting. May you receive the peace of God that passes all understanding. Hugs

Melinda said...

It sucks!!!!! Plain and simple. Sorry I know I should say something a little more encouraging and tell you I will pray for you (which I still will) but really, it does not help when you are beyond frustrated! Whenever you want to yell and scream, let me know, I will be happy to listen to you. :)

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry. I am praying that a miracle happens and everthing you need come together for your daughter to come home.

Julee said...

we are right there with you....but our 3rd court dates are April 3 and April 7th. No way for rushed new POW to make it. This is HARD!!

mom to many
waiting now for baby Assefa at AHOPE and Gezehegn at Opportunity House, both now almost a year older than when referred

FrogMom said...

Cat, I am just so sorry. I don't know what else to say.