Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Chat with the IRS

Who knew talking to the IRS could be fun?

Yesteday a random number came up on my cell phone and I grabbed it. It was a woman calling from the IRS office. She had Abi and Hana's ATIN applications and had a question about their birthdates. She had completed our application and it was kicked back to her in "error" because the birthdates on the applications didn't match their green card information.

Well, duh. That's the problem we are having with the social security office (hence the reason for the ATIN numbers!)! Ahhhh!

But she was just calling to find out why that difference would exist. I explained that the information on their green card was based on the adoption paperwork (from Ethiopia) and that, after the adoption was completed (and while we were in Ethiopia), we discovered our children's actual birthdates. She was geniuinely surprised that children wouldn't know their actual birthdays or that the information wasn't readily available. So I explained to her that this is actually fairly common (partly because birthdays just aren't a "big deal" as a general matter, and because sometimes children are relinquished by someone that simply doesn't have that information, etc). We were a somewhat unusual case in that we were able to find out both kids' actual birthdays later.

Well, she was really interested! She asked me a few more questions and then told me she'd bring it up at their next meeting so that other IRS folks were aware of this issue and could recognize it when they saw it.

And she told me we should get our ATIN numbers in a week or two. Whoo hooo!


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Holly said...

Thanks for helping pave the way! ;) We haven't decided yet if we're going to change B's birthdate or not, but if we do, we'll have to deal with this too.