Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Hana!

It's hard to believe - but Hana is six years old!  She had about as long as humanly possible to wait for her birthday with us (we met the kids 363 days ago!) but she's been patient.  Obviously that was helped by last year's shared birthday extravaganza (which I still think was a good choice...) but this time it was HER day and she loved it.

Hana has been very excited for a few weeks for her birthday and we had a great day.  We did most of the celebrating yesterday with Gma and Gpa, Aunt Ana, Aunt Stephanie and new baby cousin  Liam!  Today she took doughnuts for a treat for school and overall had a good day.

Hana is one amazing little girl.  So tough - but so sweet.  The most infectious giggle you have ever heard.  It's been an absolute pleasure watching her unfold and develop these past 12 months.  She started out so tough and outgoing and loud and on and on and on... and then she started school and slipped into a more shy mode.  Not bad - just different.  Now, you can tell she is really starting to find her balance - with herself and with us.  She doesn't miss much.  Always watching, listening, learning.  She can't wait to learn to read and although we have a ways to go, she tries so hard!  I'm so proud of all she's accomplished this past year. Watching her friendships develop in our family has been wonderful as well.  She and Grace have really clicked these last few months.  She and Abi remain close buddies and you can often find her dealing with Ally's ...  well, Ally being Ally. 

I'm also proud of who she is.  I've already learned so much from parenting her!  I'm a pretty lucky mommy to have her for my daughter. :)  Love you baby.


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Wow, almost a year. She was a trooper, waiting for her special day.

Hope all are hanging in there while you wait for another special day.

Take care!

Denise said...

Awww... happy birthday to Hana!

SupermomE11 said...

She is SO beautiful! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!


Ferrick said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY HANA! I know your parents are so very glad you were born. What a blessing you are sweet girl. Susie

Leslie said...

Yay Hana!! Happy birthday (and happy famiversary!!

Single PAP said...

gosh, she looks so much like S! she looks so happy and healthy. what a blessing for you all to have found eachother.