Friday, February 20, 2009

My needs...

I "discovered" the 'I Need' meme over at Charlotte's blog this morning. You do a Google search with your first name followed by 'needs' . I started by using "Cat" but that brought up too many feline related responses. :) So I revised to Cathy and Catherine instead (Cathy didn't have enough good ones on its own -weird).

Can you tell I'm having trouble focusing today?

1) I need ... your help. (Should I be offended? Eh, it's probably true, in more ways than one!)

2) I need ... to go shopping. (again, probably true, but I'd rather not)

3) I need ... a big feather to fan me. (I suppose that would be nice.)

4) I need ... a wheelchair. (I can be terribly lazy, but this is a bit low, even for me...)

5) I need ... no explanations. (hmmm... I often don't get them?)

6) I need ... a
tin foil hat. (who doesn't?)

7) I need ... a man. (hahaha - I think I'm all set here, thanks.)

8) I need ... yoga. (Gentle push to get back on the Wii Fit I suppose...)

9) I need ... a makeover. (really building up my self-esteem today!)

10) I need ... to fire my stylist. (okay, okay I get it! I'll go shopping! Get off my back!)

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