Friday, February 20, 2009

My Baby is Growing UP

We've been dancing around the issue for awhile - potty training. Ally actually went on the potty herself for the first time on Father's Day last year (which I thought was fairly impressive since she was only 20 months old or so). And she would go now and again, but never had much interest. And frankly, we just kept putting it off. Yes, diapers are rotten, but if you have never lived through the first few months AFTER potty training, you don't have any idea how big of a pain THAT is (needing to know the exact location of every bathroom in every place you go and being able to drop everything in a store to RUN there at a moment's notice...not fun!)

Anyhoo, we decided it was time. Ally has really been ready for awhile, so Mark jumped in with both feet yesterday (he's my hero). She's doing great! Sure, some accidents, but she is doing really well. She has told us a few times when she has to go and she'll [almost] always go if you ask her to... anyways, still a long way to go (and we'll be out of town this weekend so that should be interesting too!) but she's on the right track.

And yes, I realize that no one really cares about her potty habits. :) But just hard to believe my baby isn't much of a baby any more...

Love ya Al.

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Yo-Rissa said...

I care! I like getting updates on your kiddos! She is so darn cute.