Friday, February 6, 2009

The Government Can be Annoying

I worked on our taxes last night. I have to say, adoptions do make tax time a bit easier to swallow! That being said, tax forms never cease to annoy me. I believe we have the information that we need to claim our adoption tax credit (but still checking on this...), but apparently I can't use that same ID# to claim Abi and Hana as dependents - I will need their social security numbers for that.

After being told by many people that we should wait to apply for their SS#s until we had their birth names/dates legally changed (to avoid re-changing them after the fact), it now appears that it would've been easier to get the #s before any change, because now their names and birthdates don't match the adoption paperwork! And the government just can't handle non-matching documents - that would be too much thinking right? ARG! So we might get their SS#s in the mail next week OR it could be 4 months. Lovely.

So. Taxes are done, but can't file them. Good times, good times.

Anyone happen to know if you can use the A# (from their resident card) for purposes of the adoption tax credit? Any chance that will fly for purposes of child tax credit? I'm thinking not... but I'll probably do some reading on the IRS site to see if I can find an easier way. And hopefully their SS cards just show up in the mail anyways....


Marissa said...

I was told not to get a social security # until the adoption was finalized as well. I went ahead and did it for variety of reasons and I'm glad I did. It made our tax return so much easier! Personally, I don't think it's that hard to do a name change with SS.

It only took 2 weeks for us to get the social security card, which was very exciting! :)

Holly said...

You can use an atin or an itin to get the adoption tax credit; these are super easy to apply for at the time you do your taxes (what we did for Ellie). Also, it is my understanding that you cannot take both the child (dependent) credit AND the adoption credit, so I would just file if you're ready and apply for an itin at the same time for your kids. Or wait for the soc. number which will work the same way. Either way, you can't take both credits. Sorry!

Holly said...

Or wait, maybe you can take both credits... I could be wrong there.. I think I had a mind blank!