Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What DOES he do all day?

There must be people that wonder what SAHMs (or SAHDs!) actually do all day. I'll admit, I'm guilty of wondering why x, y, or z didn't actually get accomplished in a given day. I mean really, I was gone like 10 or 12 hours right? That should've been ample time to do almost anything. Then I usually snap out of it and apologize (and, for good measure, will apologize again when I go home today!). ;)

Seriously though, I think the vast majority of people fail to really appreciate what parents do (whether they stay at home or not) and how, well, exhausting it can be. I found the above article on Angel's blog and thought it summed things up nicely. :)

Yep, their daddy is amazing. How many men do YOU know that could put up with all that and enjoy it!??!

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Denise said...

Yeah, a great article!