Saturday, December 20, 2008


So, it's been snowing quite a bit since Thanksgiving round here.  I think it has snowed nearly every day in December!  But we sure got it good on Thursday night!  There was NO school on Friday (whoo hoo - one extra day of Christmas vacation - no one seemed to mind).  Sadly, I don't get snow days.  But our office did close early, which meant I was [somewhat] free to scoot and work from home.

The kids have been enjoying the snow.  Well, mostly Abi and Hana!  Grace likes it well enough, but the allure is already wearing off (she's in for a LOOOOONG winter!).  Poor Ally feels very similarly about snow as she does about sand!  She enjoys watching the kids play through the window well enough, but if you suggest she go out, you'll get a "no!" and a dirty look.  She's good at those.

The snow is so pretty, I just hate driving in it.  So here's hoping it doesn't complicate the holidays too much!

Oh, and should you all be thinking that we are big babies about the snow based on the photo above -we're really not. That was taken a couple of weeks ago - we've got a solid foot on the ground now!

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