Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Plug for AHOPE Supplies!

I haven't written about AHOPE in quite awhile. AHOPE for Children is an organization that supports AHOPE Ethiopia, which provides a nurturing home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for orphaned HIV positive children, provides care for HIV positive children in the community through an outreach program, and educates the community about AIDS prevention.

Since I am too lazy to tag my old posts on the subject, just check out AHOPE's great new website for more information! :)

I have been volunteering as the AHOPE Supplies Coordinator since just after we got back from Ethiopia this past Spring. It's been a great experience to help out a wonderful organization. In a nutshell, lots of supplies that are valuable and helpful to AHOPE are not readily available (or affordable) in Ethiopia (and shipping and customs are a nightmare!), so AHOPE relies on traveling parents (or traveling anyone for that matter) to bring many vital supplies.

You may remember that for our last adoption, we collected "Crocs and Socks" which was super-fun. It was great to outfit ALL those wonderful kids with new, colorful shoes - all at once! This time, we didn't *pick* a main item to collect, but we do plan on carrying as many supplies as possible when we travel. Below I have pasted the most recent *needs* request from AHOPE. If you are at all interested in donating a few items and having us carry them over, that would be wonderful! If you have other questions about AHOPE or supplies, email me at
ahopesupplies@gmail.com. No pressure or anything, but never hurts to ask, especially during this giving season! :) And expect a few more AHOPE-plugs in the coming week if I have the time to get to it!

Supplies Needed November 2008


Ace Bandage

Nystatin suspension(oral preparation)

Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonid cream

HEXIT-Lotion (Lindane lotion 1% usp) for scabies and poison

Perimethrin cream 50% (for scabies)

Pediatric Nasogastric tube No. 6 & 8

Pepcid (Famotidine) antacid tablet 20mg

Cefalexin 500mg and 250mg capsule (antibiotic)

Spatula (Tongue depressor for throat examination)

Enfamil (Multi vitamin supplement Drops)- Essential vitamin for infants and toddlers

Enfamil- Milk gas-free infant formula powder for Babies 0-2

Hair/Skin Care/Hygiene

Anti dandruff shampoo and ointment

Ketokonazole Shampoo

Hair accessories


Hair oil (8-15 year old girls)

Strong Body Lotion(8-15 year old children) (e.g. Eucerin)


Socks (8-15 yrs)

Clothes (8-15 yrs)

Swimming Suit (different size)

Sports wear(for 8-15 year old children)

Shoes (all sizes for infant – 15)

Watches(for 8-15 year old children)

School-Type Supplies


Children’s Diary

School bags(for older children)

Rechargeable battery

Flash disk

Mathematical Set

Note Books

Index Cards (3x5 blank for flash cards – several sets for English/Math)

Plastic Containers, varies sizes (e.g. storage of flashcards, art supplies, etc)


Diaper (for 9 month -2yrs)

Baby Wipes

Rubber sheet(disposable)

Toys, games (8-14 year old children)


Things we have in excess

Anti Pyretics(anti-pains) (e.g. Tylenol, Motrin)


Antibiotic ointment

Tooth brush

Band Aids

Alcohol Swabs

Baby Feeding bottle


Hydrocortisone ointment

Gas relief

FALCON Ophthalmic Solution

Clothes for children of 1-4 years

Diaper rash ointment

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