Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ode to Claire

There has been so much going on here the past few weeks. Lack of time and energy = no blogging. But wanted to back up just a bit.

Two weeks ago we did a very hard thing. We let our beloved polar bear, Claire, migrate to a happier home. This was so, so very hard, but in the end we decided it was for the best. Claire was a very loved member of our family for two and a half years. When she joined our family, we had only one kid! And with #5 on the way, things were just getting too stressful - for her and for us. THANKFULLY, my wonderful dog-loving (spoiling?) friend Amanda jumped at the chance to get an amazing dog. So now Claire has someone at her beck-and-call to spoil her rotten in her remaining years!

Although we all miss her, I have peace knowing this was the right thing.

But sure is hard to let such a damn good dog go. 

We love you Claire!


Holly said...

She is so beautiful!!! Will you still get to see her from time to time?

Amanda said...

An update on Claire - it is confirmed that during the day she sleeps on my bed...alllll day :-)