Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!


Pre-pumpkin carving dance party.

Grace is an old hat at pumpkin guts these days...

Hana was ALL about the squishy-ness and got right in there!

Abi did NOT enjoy touching the guts while in the pumpkin and would not help scoop them out.  But he did gush them in the bowl (...?)

Ally would have nothing to with the pumpkins (she didn't even want to sit near them) so she just squashed the cat instead.

Happy Halloween!

I took the day off work (mostly).  The older girls had a half day of school (well, Hana always does) so we went up to watch their "parade" of costumes. So cute!  

Mom and Al waiting for the kids.

Daddy practiced camera settings on Abi while we waited. :)

Grace perfecting her "scary" face.

Hana lookin' sweet.

Halloween afternoon.  Ally post-nap.  Share the progression with me...

Above:  Sweet, bit tired.

The fun begins to wear thin...

Sobbing. (this entire process took less than 30 seconds and she was fine!)

Pre-trick or treating.  Waiting oh-so-patiently for the other members of our group

(Ally was scared of the pumpkins so wouldn't sit by them for her photos)

Post-trick or treating-candy binge-Spongebob marathon.

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