Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy Dreams...

Apparently Abi is quite the little ninja in his dreams... and apparently not a fan of Spiderman.

(as recounted to Mark this morning) :

Dad: Abi, here is your (Spiderman) underwear.

Abi: I no want it.

Dad: Why not?

Abi: I no-e-like espiderman.

Dad: Why not?

Abi: Ummm... Daddy, last night, I sleepin, and then, I fly, and then, I see espiderman, and I go like dat! HY-YA! And him dead.

Dad: Why did you kill Spiderman?

Abi: I no-e-like espiderman.

Dad: Abi, we're not supposed to kill people.

Abi: Why not?

Dad: Because its not very nice.

Abi: But I no-e-like espiderman and I no wanna wear him.

Dad: Just put on your underwear so we can go eat breakfast.

Be afraid, be very afraid...


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Denise said...

I love it, too funny!