Friday, November 7, 2008

Conspiracy Theories

So, after our fiasco of problems with Abi and Hana's adoption, it has been hard for me to really 'gear up' for the Dec 3 court date. I am trying to be optimistic, but still sort-of preparing for the worst. So far, we are hopeful that things will go well.

But sometimes, I just wonder if someone is out to get us. ;) We found out this week that, even though we received our 171h weeks ago, the embassy is saying that they don't have our immigration approval yet. Sigh.

This is actually pretty standard and it is very good we are dealing with it early. Basically, it is just sitting *somewhere* and they need to find it. But still - why can't things go off without a hitch??

So, wish us luck this all gets resolved easily! I'm not too worried or anything, but I'll feel better when I know the approval is in the hands of those that need it!

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