Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Task

So you know when you've really entered the cult world of blogging when you've been "tagged"!  Thanks Erin!  =)  


1)  I grew up on a farm and my parents continue to grow corn and soybeans.  I did not help much on said farm as I had terrible allergies and asthma as a child, so bad that I had to have
 allergy shots twice a week for many years.  Now, I rarely have issues with my allergies, which annoys Mark to no end since HE gets the itchy watery eyes now and I don't.  (evil smile)

2)  While growing up, I didn't really play sports or take dance classes.  I was very involved in 4-H and raised animals each year from age 9 to 19.  Most years I raised sheep and steers.  Nearly every summer night was spent training those animals for the Fair.  And I wasn't half bad at it.  :)  I even placed 10th at a state competition in showmanship once when I was about 13 (but that was for showing pigs, oddly enough).  

3)  As part of the Fair experience, I entered projects, including artwork, photography, sewing and baked goods.  Some I liked, some I did because my mom made me.  One year my mom "made" me make banana bread for the Fair at the last minute.  I hated banana bread, but I did it (probably with lots of grumbling).  On the way in to enter the projects at the Fair, I
 completely dropped the banana bread on the asphalt - and it bounced!  So I entered it anyways.  Later that week I found out I was chosen to be on TV (local morning show, but still) with my steer and I was SO excited.  On the day of taping, I was the last one to appear on the show and they were running out of time.  So rather than go on with my steer, I had to be on TV with that stupid banana bread!  Years later, I found on that TV show put out a cookbook - with my banana bread recipe in it!  (and yes, I won a blue ribbon for that sucker)

4)  My first year of college I was a pre-vet major.  My 2nd year I switched to business with every intent of majoring in hospitality.  I wanted to manage hotels like this.  I worked in several hotels while in college and eventually realized that the hours sucked.  So I majored in International Business and Spanish instead.  I ended up in law school because I didn't want to work in sales with my bachelors.

5)  #3 was not my only television experience.  At the end of my first year of law school, I was selected to compete in the local version of the "Apprentice" - instead of Donald Trump, I got Geoffrey Fieger (of Dr. Kevorkian fame)! I was teased mercilessly about that show (it played in 5-10 minute segments on the news every day for a couple of weeks), but it was honestly really fun.  It was called "The Intern" was terribly cheesy.  It was also filmed during study time/finals, which wasn't the best idea for a first year law student!  But I survived.  

6)  I am addicted to Facebook.  Its true.  I admit it Julie.  I even have it on my phone.

7)  I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey and we have been following his plan (with several ... modifications) for about 4 years.  Although we have a ways to go before we will be debt-free, I honestly believe if we had not been employing his [common sense] principles, there is no way we would financially have been able to make three adoptions in a year and a half happen.  I will be forever grateful we found his radio show!  

Alright, there's my 7!  Now for my tagging:

1)  Randi
2)  Natalie
4)  Brianna
5)  Denise
6)  Emily
7)  Angela


Denise said...

Ahhhh!! I've been tagged! I will finish that soon and post on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours, I wish I got to show farm animals for 4-H! I did 4-H with my dog. :)

Angela said...

This was so fun to read! Thanks for posting it! I'll have to really do some thinking before I do my post! My brain hurts, and I haven't even started! :) Thanks for tagging me! This will be fun!

Friedlings said...

I accept your challenge. This will be my first tag, so I hope I do it justice.

It was fun to read your 7!

BTW - so excited to follow along on your current adoption journey. Best wishes for speed and ease this time around.