Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a Waiting Game

So any of you that actually read my blog much last year know that I am a horrible waiter. I should go back through and find all my whiny posts about waiting and waiting for things to move forward with the adoption. :) Actually, I think most of my whining was directed at Mark, some at family and friends, and later (when we hit snag after snag) to our adoption agency (by that time it wasn't really whining...).

Anyways.... You might have noticed I've been much better this go-round! I think there are several reasons. 1) I understand the ups and downs of the process a bit better and am better mentally prepared for the ups and downs and 2) I'm just too freaking busy to worry too much! :)

So, we waited patiently for our 171h. We waited patiently for the courts to open. We waited patiently for a court group (to be filed). Those things all moved along more quickly then we'd dared to hope - yeah! But now it's been a couple of weeks since being filed in court with still no news about an actual court date. That anxious-Cat is starting to rear its ugly head...

So, since I have no actual news to report, I thought I would clarify something. Back in this post when I *bragged* about our getting filed as part of Group A, I confused a few people. Group A doesn't have any significance to anyone really, other than other families with our agency. "Groups" are filed with approximately 10 cases each and are assigned a letter for organizational purposes. With Abi and Hana's cases, our group was Group X. So, as you can see, it's pretty arbitrary... but it's something!

So, it's been a couple of weeks now and still no word on when our actual court date will be. Although I understand that the steps of this process always take longer than I think they should... it is a bit frustrating. There is so much I want to organize (not the least of which is work-related!) Yet, I keep trying to keep it all into perspective. As I worry about ME and how this messes up MY schedule, I try and remember this is all about something much bigger than me. And in the grand scheme of things, my schedule doesn't mean squat.

But I am hopeful we'll have some news relatively soon...

Here we are again - anxiously waiting.

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