Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Few More Photos...

Yep, that's my girlie-girl with a big fat toad in her hands.  Ah, how fast they grow up.  Note Abi was loving the toad as well.  Hana... not so much.  She tried, but as soon as she touched it, she pretty much threw it up in the air (poor thing!).   ;)  

I love photos of all four of the kids like these.  The above photo is from Gma and Gpa B's house a couple of weeks ago.  Ally thought she was so cool staying up late and "watchin' movie" with the big kids!  
The below photo is just before church last week. The kids all looked so cute. But then we were running late and Ally was crabby.  So we sort of "lost the moment". But it was still cute.

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Leslie said...

Great pictures!!