Monday, October 13, 2008

10 Reasons Why We Aren't Rich

(and I'm using "we" as in Americans generally... although I certainly wouldn't call Mark and I "rich" by any typical use of the word!)


Ran across
this article this morning and thought it was pretty timely and interesting...

The gist of the top 10 list is this (in no particular order):

1) Car Fever (You are what you drive right?)
2) Serious case of entitlement (I work hard and I deserve it!)
3) Lack of diversification (Anyone with all their eggs in one basket is probably hurting pretty bad right now!)
4) Started too late (missing out on the benefits of compound interest)
5) You don't do what you enjoy (Is your work a job? a career? or a calling?)
6) You don't like to learn
7) Poor judge of wants vs. needs (Did you really need another Prada handbag?)
8) You don't understand value (whether you buy the cheapest option, or the most expensive, neither may bring you the most value)
9) House poor (bigger house, bigger taxes, more maintenance, etc... bigger is not always better!)
10) Missed out on opportunities (I could've done that, I thought of that... doesn't do you much unless you act on it!)

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