Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Perfect Day

A couple of weeks ago, a crazy random thing happened. We had a weekend. with. no. plans.

It was wonderful! We had a ball with the kids! My friend Amanda came over in the morning for a fabulous breakfast a la Mark and we hung out and played in the yard. The weather was great! Abi caught a big fat frog that we kept as a pet for the day. That afternoon we walked the froggie down the street to our "swamp" and hiked back to the water and let him go "to his friends." Then we went home and built a (very small) fire in the back yard and roasted a few marshmallows.

One of those days where not a whole lot happens. But everyone just has a nice relaxing time. It was great. =)

P.S. This was totally not the video I meant to upload. But it took ages to load, so that's what you get. If you want a translator, she is talking about "big jumping" and she also mentions a snack. Other than that, who knows?


Jillienne said...

Oh! We had one of those 2 weekends ago! We were supposed to have 4 soccer games, but because it rained and rained and rained all games were cancelled and we got to spend the weekend relaxing mellow at home. I can not remember the last time that happened!!!

Isn't it great!? Glad you enjoyed yourself....


Wendy said...

How great! I think those are the BEST kinds of days!