Monday, September 29, 2008

No Training Wheels

I was just thinking that would be a cool title for a really deep, thought provoking post.   But since I don't have time to write those, I went right to the point.

'Cuz that's right folks - Miss Grace got over her fear and took off the training wheels (well, we pushed them up out of the way since we didn't have a wrench handy).  And she can now. ride. a 2-wheel. bike. alone.

Whoot whoot.  

I'm very proud of her. She took a bit of a spill last summer and has not been interested in her bike much since.  She hasn't been on it once since June.  Seriously.  How sad is that?  But she decided on Saturday she was going to do it. So she tried and tried. Very close, but not quite.

But Sunday.  Oh yes, it was over.  She was so excited to practice more today.  Sadly it's been pouring all afternoon.  

All the kids has a blast on their bikes. Well, Ally doesn't have one yet. She keeps trying to steal Abi's big wheel. Which he hates (he will share with anyone but her, go figure). But I did talk him into letting her have a turn which she loved (I pushed).  But then she kept trying to push him off... so not such a hot idea by mom after all...   I think Hana will be able to take her training wheels off next summer. She probably could do it now ... but I'll let Grace enjoy her "big kid status" just a bit longer...

She totally thought she was hot sh*t last night.  ;)

Bit of a rough start...

Now we're getting it...

And she's off!

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