Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The lil' Ally-gator is TWO

Can't believe it.  My [real] baby is two years old today. In some ways that seems so old ... and in others, it seems like so long ago that I was having terrible contractions and rushed off to the hospital ... only to find out I was dilated to 4 (you can't imagine how irate I was - but just ask Mark!  I was at 6 when I went in with Grace and I know it didn't hurt nearly that bad!  Ally was extremely painful!)  Some drugs later and it was all good.  :)  Good ole Alice Jane!

Alright, getting a bit off topic here!  Seriously though, SO much has happened in the last 2 years.  It  is sometimes weird to remember that my "second" child will soon be the youngest of five.  Crazy.

Crazy just might be a good word to describe Al.  She's always on the go; sharp as a tack; lovable, but on her terms. She was not an affectionate baby (in fact, was colicky and crabby!).  But she has really come around and just charms everyone she meets these days (including her brother and sisters - she runs the house!).  We have a rather visible family now, but yet it is still Ally that seems to get the most attention.  And now that she's talking up a storm (it is amazing what she can verbalize) she is just that much cuter.  She shouts "hi!" to everyone she passes and is just generally fun to be around.  Oh, but she can sure crab with the best of them!  (and the screams!)  So, so many people tell me she looks just like Julie (my sister).  I think it is probably true.  She sure has my stubborn personality though (yes Dad, I admit it).

I don't know WHAT we'd do without her.

Lovin on her cake and ice cream

Sweet Barbie car - it was a big hit

She does love a nice ride.

And she REALLY loves cereal.

And her daddy.


Stacy and Family said...

That is an awesome PIC!!!

Sharice said...

The pic of Mark and Ally walking is too adorable for words!