Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome Bag

As you may remember from my posts here and here, we get to prepare a "Welcome Bag" for *S*, which is how the children find out they have been matched with a family. We sent ours to our agency last week and *hope* that it will go to Ethiopia soon with a traveling family (we have not yet heard if it arrived in time to be picked up with the other bags...).

So, as far as we know, she does not yet know that we are her family.
So excited for her to find out!
You can see a photo of what we sent below. Mark did a great job preparing the photo album. It makes our house look like 24/7 fun (hope she's not disappointed with reality!) The shirt was fun to make. Each of the kids picked out an iron on for it. Grace chose the dolphin, Hana the soccer ball, Abi the dogs (of course), and Ally *picked* the flower (or I did because it looked easy to apply, whatever you want to believe). I am SO SO SO hoping we actually get the disposable camera back this time with photos of her and her friends! We did not get any photos back from Abi's or Hana's. But I'm thinking a 10 year old could have some fun with it. ;)


Yo-Rissa said...

What a very "grown up" welcome bag--she's sure to LOVE it! How exciting! I think this is the most exciting welcome bag because, not only will she find out she has a new family, she is also being reunited with her sister!!! YAY!

Andrea said...

I love the things you bought her. And I really love her ET name Selam.

elizabeth said...

What a great gift bag!!!! Selam is going to love it - especially seeing pictures of her wonderful new family.

BTW, we got the camera from Hana's gift bag about 6 months after she had been home. It was a really fun suprise! So, you can still hold out hope.

SupermomE11 said...
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Jillienne said...

Looks great! I have a ten year old bio. that would love that so I think you are right on track!

Good luck to all,