Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Summer of Teeth

Back in July, Hana and Abi headed out for their first dental appointment in the USA. Their only other experience on the subject they associate with the Chinese (I don't know why - perhaps there was a visiting Chinese dentist at some point?). Unfortunately, they now seem to associate men of Asian descent with teeth-pulling. :( We'll have to work on that.

But back to the dentist...

At their first appointment/cleaning, the both did great! The dentists and hygienists couldn't believe how still they sat! Abi's teeth looked great and he was all done. Unfortunately, Hana wasn't quite so lucky. She had quite a bit of damage and decay. She needed five (5) follow up visits to take care of it all. All in all she needed a pulpotomy (baby root canal), 2 crowns and fillings in most of her other teeth.

Today was the fifth and final visit! Although she was excited to be done, this was the worst one of all - 2 extractions! she had the front tooth and the one next removed. She was pretty bummed about it. I know it's for the best, but I feel so badly! Grace is trying so hard to get her (loose) front tooth out too so they can match. Hana is hopeful that Grace will be successful. I think she's feeling rather self conscious. I think she's pretty darn cute.

She started warming up below and showed me at lunch time today:

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Leslie said...

How sweet! Tell her that Gelila had 3 front (baby) teeth pulled a few months ago. Just a week or so ago we started to notice a big tooth peeking out, so she can look forward to that! Very cute pictures!