Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Photos - Part 1

So... I find blogging very time consuming lately! But I miss keeping things updated. Mark is out tonight (DNO - Dad's Night Out) so I thought I'd try and catch up a bit. Since I'm not feeling rather witty, I think I'll just post some fun photos from the summer so far. :) I was going through our photos and there were so many that I hadn't even seen! Mark's been Mr. Photographer while I'm at work, so it was fun to go through them... Just another reminder how fast summer is going! I can't believe that August is right around the corner. I'll start with some photos of the kids' main summer activity - baby pools in the yard! Although I know my kids would love a fancy in-ground pool, they really get a ton of use out of these $7 wonders...

They also had quite a bit of fun a couple of weeks ago when Grace's best friend came over for a sleep-over and brought her new slip-and-slide. The kids were pretty hilarious. Poor Abi never did quite figure out how it worked. He either ran on it (and fell down and whacked his head) or he slid too early and had to crawl down (notice Eva in the photo below pushing him to the bottom). But I think they all had fun anyways!

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