Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthdays!

We were very lucky when we were in Ethiopia. We were able to find out the real birthdays of both Abenezer and Hana. Hana actually turned 5 the day we left to pick them up in March. And Abenezer turned 4 ... this last Saturday!!

The only birthday they have ever "celebrated" was a shared party for all of the kids at the orphanage. So we wanted to do something, but not be too overwhelming. We decided to have just our family over ... but that was quite the crowd in and of itself! Everyone was able to come, which is a miracle unto itself, and it was so nice.

Beautiful day, good company, great cake (if you are interested in details, email me!).

And they kids did fantastic! I was a little worried about jealousy, hording, any number of problems (from all 4 kids) but they were sharing champs!

The day really brought up a lot of thoughts ... a realization of just how FAR Abenezer and Hana have come in just 3 short months. It's hard for me to believe its ONLY been 3 months! They are such special, wonderful children and are so much a part of the family. Abi is such a goofy, sweet little boy. His smile just makes you melt. Hana is so smart! The wheels are always turning. And she is so loving.

All the kids loved seeing their cousins and grandparents. Abi and Hana had looked forward to picking out birthday hats (Hana went with a SpongeBob theme, Abi went with dogs). And the cake. Abi asked all day long when we would have cake. When we finally did - he didn't like it! (He's not a huge fan of sweets). So that may have been a slight disappointment. ;)

There is so much more to say and I'm getting tired. But all in all it was just such a great day for them. And for me.


Diane said...

Hana was so sweet and immediately held up her whole hand when asked how old she was....with a huge grin behind it.

Abi had a different take on it. I asked, "What day is today?" and he immediately said...."Lots of Grrrrrahmas!" There were 4 there on Saturday. So he was sooooo right!

3 months! It has flown by and what a blessing they have been in our lives! There must have been a God given space there for them....because I cannot imagine your family ever being without them! continued blessings for all! love mom

Mindy said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday celebration! Glad to hear it went well!

Denise said...

How fun that they had a great birthday party!! I love all the pics, your dog is SO cool.

Camping was great, thanks for organizing it! It was fun meeting you.