Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"What AIDS could not do was suffocate the hope of the remarkable people I met throughout Africa. If people who had suffered such unthinkable devastation could maintain hope, then I could certainly hope for an end to this pandemic in my lifetime."

~Alicia Keys in
her editorial for cnn.com

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Andrea said...

Cat, I loved what Alecia Keys had to say on American Idol Gives Back. I loved it so much that I wrote it down and handed many people a copy of it. Here is what she said:

"If only everyone could come to Africa ...... I know it could change them all. Helping us all to realize our blessings and the amazing beauty and see how little it takes to do so much good for people in need. It's crazy when you think how you can change the lives of people forever for the price of a pair of shoes".