Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day to all you daddies out there - especially to mine and Mark's!!! ;)

Mark wrote this great note to me for mothers day and I was hoping I could create some of the same magic for him. Alas, he is clearly the writer between us (although if you need a contract drafted, I'm your gal). I've actually started this post a couple of times, but couldn't quite get anything coherent. Given that Father's Day is nearly over, I thought I better try for something... even if a bit ramble-y.

The truth is that I am a lucky, lucky woman. Not only do I have four wonderful kids, all brought into my life under unique and special circumstances, I have had a wonderful partner to share all of it with. I have watched good friends and family members lose relationships as their significant other loses interest in their love and their family. And lesser men than Mark probably wouldn't have stayed with me through everything that we've been through. Sometimes I even feel a little bit guilty - because I'm lucky enough to be with someone that has stood by my side for nearly eight years.

And not just stood there - when I've needed it he's led me, given me direction. At other times, he's stood aside and pushed me ahead, let me shine. But most of the time, he stays right by my side, living our life together.

For the last year and a half I've had the pleasure of watching him parent our children full-time. So many dads don't even want to put 100% into a part time roll and Mark puts his all into our kids each and every day. Sure, sometimes he gets stressed (he is human after all!) but even in the "worst" of it, he often still is able to step back and say that its really okay - he wouldn't trade this time with them for anything.

So I thank my lucky stars every day that my kids have a dad that wants to be with them every chance he can get. I think my daughters especially will grow up with such confidence. They've been loved and respected by a real man. Or more accurately, their superman - their dad. It will take a lot of work for some boyfriend to compare! And I've been fortunate enough to be married to the best dad I've ever met. Every day he teaches me a little more about how to be a better parent. We make plenty of mistakes, but we do our best.

Today he could have done anything he wanted (including disappear on his own which he NEVER gets to do!). And yet he still chose to spend the whole day with his kids. I can see the adoration in their eyes. And even though I think I can't possibly, I fall in love with him a little more.

I love you Mark.

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