Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hana and Grace this week before school. Hana was all set (and super excited!) about Kindergarten field day. As she explained to me "Hana... running!" (lots of miming involved). =) Very cute. She had a ball.
Ouchies! Last weekend was a bit rough for Hana! She and Grace had been goofing around on the slide and somehow collided (we never got a straight story...). Well, Hana is such a teeny thing that it didn't take much - pop! Nursemaid's elbow. She was pretty sore. We had to go to the urgent care for xrays and to have it popped back into place. The doctor was rather rough and she was pretty sore for a few days, but she's doing just great now. She rather enjoyed the extra attention I think. ;)

Oh, and here are Daddy and Abi being silly!

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