Monday, May 26, 2008

Down on the Farm...

So, the house is quiet (which is very unusual) and I'm exhausted from a wonderful long weekend (but no way can nap b/c I ingested way too much caffeine this morning) so I'll do some catching up. A few weeks ago we visited my family for the day. This was our first major "outing" as a family of 6 and was a really, really great day. The kids did wonderful and had lots of fun seeing Grandma Diana and Grandpa Joe (although he had to work so that was pretty limited, unfortunately) and of course Aunt Julie! They also got to meet Uncle Charlie and the fam which was a ton of fun. And, last but not least, the reason for the trip - Grandpa Pete turned 89! Happy Birthday Grandpa! Here are just a few photos of the kids enjoying their super-fun day!

Enjoying a (rare) quiet moment...

Whoa buddy - where ya goin?

The. Most. Tolerant. Cat. Ever.

Tractor pull training starts early 'round here.

Don't see as many of these in the city! Too fun!

Beep beep!

So big sisters ARE good for something after all!

Say cheese!


Sarah and Tim said...

Poor little kitty. People keep asking me how our pets are going to handle a baby in the house and I imagine it going a little something like that. Glad you all had a nice family outing.

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