Monday, May 5, 2008

New Words, Sick-Os and Other Fun Stuff

So, apparently I'm not so good at this "consistent" blogging thing. I don't know where people get the time! =) But I know I'm going to be sorry if I don't keep track of these times. So below is a completely random update!

Things are going pretty well in our house! Well, other than the sickness. Poor Mark has had a crazy sore throat for over a week now! It's starting to go away though. Hana woke up last weekend with a mysterious rash that ended up being shingles. Poor kid! It's pretty rare for kids to get it, but she did have chicken pox in ET and the last 2 months have been pretty stressful for a 5 year old (!) , so you can understand how it could happen. Fortunately, we were able to get her some medicine pretty quickly and it seems to have pushed it through her system pretty fast. We are hoping it is pretty much "over" at this point.

Speaking of Hana, she CANNOT WAIT to go to school. And even though there are only a few weeks left (where have the months gone?) we did plan to send her, but now she also has a terrible cold too! Abenezer and Ally have it too. Yuck. Not sure we can send her coughing, snuffly mess to school right now. =( Please keep us in your thoughts so that this junk can move out of our house ASAP! I think she might hate us forever if she can't to go school until Fall...

Grace is doing well and getting back into a routine. She recently started track again and seems to be enjoying it. It's been a lot of fun to see her mature this year. She's also grown a foot and a half (well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration) and is no longer the smallest kid in class any more. She's just looking so ... old!

Hana and Abenezer are adjusting at an amazing rate! The good days far outnumber the bad. Even when the kids get into a bit of a funk, it often doesn't consume the whole day. They are grasping English at an amazingly fast rate. I noticed that Hana and Abi rarely speak to each other in Amharic any more. Or at least have lots of English mixed in. to be honest, it makes me really sad. =( But a natural part of the adjustment I guess. It is just hard to watch the Ethiopian culture slip away so quickly... but I know they are very proud of what they have learned. I have a few "favorite" Amharic words, so I think I'll keep using those - for my own sake I guess.

The toughest thing right now is certainly the emotional issues. Although the kids can express so much in English, the "feeling" words are harder. For most other things, they can mime it out and point and grasp the concepts. But when they are sad and mad and hurting, they have a much more difficult time (how can you mime those?). Mark and I are trying our best to be there for them, but we are still finding our way through this.

Ally continues to be a stinker. =) She's the bully of the house and can get the other 3 scrambling to make her happy. She can also be the biggest sweetie and lots of fun. She too is starting to talk her head off. She mimics amazingly well and is picking up new words left and right. One of her current favorites is "shoe" and she loves to show them to you and repeat (over and over) "Sho sho sho" very determinedly! Oh, and one word that gets shouted around our house far too often she has learned too: "share!" She woke up yesterday morning to hear the other 3 kids already arguing over something - she started yelling in her crib: "Sh-ah-rr" (share). It was hilarious. She also does this when she wants something someone else has. She's a smart cookie (although a stinker for sure). Ally and Abi in particular have a great bond and are so much fun to watch together.

On Friday Mark ran to the grocery store when I got home from work. I was washing the dinner dishes and we had some music going. then I stopped to look around for a moment - Grace and Hana were busy coloring at the table and chatting a bit. Abi and Ally were sharing a chair in the living room and giggling like crazy.

I couldn't stop smiling.


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

OK, I hope we get to meet sometime, since our adopted kids seem quite close in age, plus the added bonus that you are a couple months ahead of us in adjusting and are sure to have some pearls of wisdom for me!

I did call Reflections, I think you mentioned that place, and hope to meet with Kerri (?) this Thursday for some hair thoughts.

Take care,

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