Friday, April 25, 2008

When Did That Happen?

I started back to work on Monday. Of course I have gotten plenty of questions about the kids and their adjustments (some just polite small talk, but others seem interested!). Yesterday I was out to lunch with a couple other associates and was talking about this subject. One thing I mentioned was how interesting our family dynamic has been -

Grace only child for 5 years, but Ally didn't even really rock the boat that much in terms of her privileges and "life". Although they were always great together, 5 years is a lot! Now that we have Abi and Hana, I've noticed they've really "bridged the gap" and all 4 play together great (most of the time), especially outside on the swing set and that sort of thing.

I was reflecting on this conversation later in the afternoon and I realized I had reached the point that having Abi and Hana with us truly felt comfortable and familiar - not long term guests but part of the family as if they had always been. I think it has been this way for awhile now, but I recognize it so actively was a nice feeling. ;) And thinking about what they have both done to draw our family together and make it work ... it's just great. I hadn't ever consciously felt something was "missing" but the two of them seem to have filled a hole that I didn't know existed.

I feel like our family unit has really come together these last few weeks. What a comfortable, warm-fuzzy feeling. =) So I said a little thank you and hoped it would be enough.

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Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Great post and can't wait to get there ourselves, where it just feels like OUR family, and not just having houseguests, or children we are babysitting. Yes, the love is growing in our hearts, but I think you know what I mean.