Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Job!

No, no, didn't quit working! But I did take on a volunteer position that I'm really excited about!

I've written in the past about AHOPE here and our collection activities here, here and here.

AHOPE for Children is an organization that provides a nurturing home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for orphaned HIV positive children, provides care for HIV positive children in the community through an outreach program, and educates the community about AIDS prevention. Thanks to Dr. Jane Aronson's Worldwide Orphans Foundation, the children at AHOPE are now receiving life-saving antiretroviral drugs and are thriving.

Because AHOPE has a very limited budget for basic items like clothing, diapers, and toys, AHOPE depends on the generosity of individual donors for these things and on traveling adoptive parents and volunteers to help deliver the donations.

When the opportunity arose to fill the position of Supply/Donation Coordinator for AHOPE, I jumped at the chance to help this amazing organization. Basically, I coordinate those that have collected supplies with travelers who have extra luggage space to carry them over to Ethiopia. I've been doing this a few weeks now and already loving it! These kids are so amazingly deserving of the best, and yet there is so much needed. In case you are at all interested:

The current, most pressing needs of AHOPE are:
Anti fungal ointment and shampoo ( we use this for treating ringworm on the children's skin and scalps. This is a very pressing need right now)

Bedding: Twin sheets sets, Pillows, Twin fleece blankets, Twin mattress covers (we hope to replace all the mattresses if/when the funds become available) - (please no heavy bedding as it won't dry during the rainy season)

Digital Scale (the nurse needs this to monitor the children's weight. Ideally we need one that can weigh in kilograms)

Toothpaste (we have plenty of toothbrushes!)

Ensure Powder
Children's Multivitamins
Clothing and sneakers, especially for children ages 8 and up, boys and girls
Underwear for all ages (1-12)
Pajamas for all ages

There are several ways that you can help the children of AHOPE : 1. If you are traveling to Ethiopia, you can collect donations from the needs list and carry them over. Any amount, large or small, is appreciated. 2. If you are traveling and are able to carry donations that others have collected, I will gladly arrange to have items delivered to you. (Please let me know ASAP when you are leaving and where I can direct donations to be sent!) 3. If you are not traveling to Ethiopia and would like to gather donations, please contact me and I will match you with somebody who is traveling and is able to carry your donations to AHOPE. 4. To make a financial donation or to learn more about AHOPE, please see the website:
***If you have any questions or are interested in becoming involved, please contact me at


Charissa said...

You know, Cat, I was thinking the other night about what you needed...and I came to the conclusion that the answer was "more on your plate." HAHAHA! Just kidding, you know I'm a sarcastic pain in the butt! That's wonderful! Good for you. DO you only work with people in Michigan, or nationwide? Let me know if you've got control over organizing the Colorado donations too! I'd love to contribute/help.

Cat & Mark said...

Charissa you crack me up. =) I've been working with people all over the country (none yet from MI actually!) and (in theory) could do so anywhere in the world.

So if you want to help at all it is MUCH appreciated! Feel free to email me for more info.