Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to Work...

Well, Monday was the big day! I headed back to work after a 6 week hiatus. I was nervous to leave the kids. And I felt a little sorry for Mark. Not that he couldn't handle it (much better than I could!) but I knew it'd be stressful.

Monday was a little rough. It didn't help that Grace was back in school and had track and girl scouts to keep her there late. But I think yesterday went much better. The kids now just give me hugs and kisses in the morning (and otherwise could care less!) but seem happy to see me when I get home. So all in all, it has been going well. I look forward to getting into a "real" routine finally.

Below is a photo from last Monday. Grace had one last day off school so we took the kids to Meijer Gardens. It was a nice visit, although a little chilly. We'll have to go again this weekend and enjoy the nice weather we are getting now! Love the sun!

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