Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Travel and Tuesday in Addis

Well, \I typed out this fabulous long post last night and now \i can't load it!  And i don't want to leave mark too long so not going to say much for now.  But all is well - our travel was as good as we could've hoped (as good as 25 hours of travel can be) and we got the kids yesterday.  They are great and have been very attached to us.  But hana especially has been playing with Grace too.  i think that bond will develop more as the week goes by. Abenezer (he does not respond to Abi even though some people do call him that) is a mama's boy.  he prefers to be on my hip or in my lap.  And he carries his welcome bag of stuff we sent him last summer everywhere.  Actually - he carries HANA's bag with some of his stuff in it. But very possessive.  He's just much more relaxed if he has it.
hana is very sweet, but there is a stinker in there too.  mischeveous!  Very smart.  she may very well be ready for first grade next year.  i think (so far) that we are pretty close with their ages.  Abenezer is very smart too, but emotionally younger, which is to be expected.  he is just heavy to carry all the time!  =)
We haven't gotten out much yet, so i don't have much to say about the country yet other than everyone is very very friendly.  the hotel is pretty nice, good location, nice size room (although we have some problems with the bed situation - only one at first!).  The bed is rock hard, but we are surviving.  We have our embassy appointment today and there is a small chance we'd be done early next week instead of late - so we might actually leave Wednesday rather than Saturday.  We shall see yet though.  Taking it a day at a time.
i won't go into all the good details since it took me an hour to type them out last night - will have to fill in upon our return.  i also copied a bunch of photos to attach too and that's not working either.  hmmmm hopefully i can figure it out !
but better jump in the shower and get moving!  wish us luck|!  =)


Wendy said...

Am so, so, happy for you all. Glad to hear that you have the kids and now are just working through the last bits to bring them home. Congrats to you all!

Natalie, David and Baby said...

I got all teary thinking about you finally having Abenezer and Hana in your arms. I'm so, so happy for you!


SupermomE11 said...

We found that it helped a TON to put the fluffy white comforter that they put on top UNDER the flat sheet and then sleep on top of that. Our room neighbor even got two comforters to fluffy up his bed and make it more comfortable.

Congrats on getting your beautiful children (finally!!!) We had so much fun with them last week and miss them. Enjoy your time there and tell them that Tsega and his mommy say "hi!" :)

Hugs and love,