Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Testing, Testing

So, I want to be able to blog while we are in ET.  But, the ET government has blocked blogger (shocking I know).  So I have to see if I can post via email.  This is my first attempt! 
I'm even trying with photos... we'll see how that goes!
2 days to go at work.  Exciting and scary.  I wish those days had more working hours!  But I can't wait to walk away on Thursday and be able to finally put ALL my focus on our trip and our kids!  I just can't wait!


Leslie said...

YAY!!! I am so excited for you!

Wendy said...

Not sure how you folks are even SLEEPING right now. Bet you can't wait to grab those kids and just give them a big hug. Give them lots of hugs for all of us, too!

Jillienne said...

So exciting, and it looks like you have the email blogging down pat! Congratulations to your family!

Leslie said...

I am so excited for you (again!) I was telling G yesterday that this weekend H & A's enat & abat are going to Ethiopia!

Thankfulmom said...

We are excited too! I love the photos, especially the one with little A's tongue poking out.