Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Randomness in Africa

Okay, so posting here has been harder than I thought!  Not really just because of the speed of the internet (although that can play a factor) but just time!  How do you get away for a moment with three kids?  It is still a lot for us to handle together, let alone just one of us.  And by the end of the day we are exhausted!


It's about 8:20 a.m. here now (I won't be able to actually post this until later though) and we just finished breakfast.  Well, Mark and I and Grace ate our oatmeal. Hana ate her obligatory bite but Abenezer is still refusing to try and is therefore still at the table.  Overall he is doing MUCH better. But food is often still a power struggle.  We are getting much better at picking our battles, but we think we are just setting ourselves up for trouble if we don't deal with the food issue a bit now.  He's been able to get lots of Ethiopian food, but gets upset if he can't have whatever he wants on demand (even though they have porridge for breakfast at the orphanage).  Anyways, this isn't that interesting!  It is so hard to focus my thoughts while here – so much going on!


I'll try and post more later about the big events in the last few days. On Friday morning we met Hana's mother and on Sunday her sister.  I can honestly say that was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Ever.  I'm not quite ready to say more than that.  I wouldn't have missed the experience for the world.  But incredibly emotional.  The rest of Friday was pretty hard.  Hana was obviously very emotionally confused and on edge and acted out much more than she has previously (although not as bad as I expected under the circumstances). Abenezer seemed to feed off that and he had a rough day too.  Friday night I just cried – I just didn't know if I could do this.


But Saturday was a new day.  The kids woke up happy and sweet.   Waking up with them is my favorite time of day.  They crawl over next to us and wrap their arms around our necks and rest with us a few minutes before the giggling (and demands for breakfast) begin.  We decided we weren't quite happy with the hotel.  It was nice enough in general, but not quite nice enough for the price (we were paying a suite price and just wasn't worth it – smaller rooms better deal).  So we ended up moving to the AAI guesthouse on Saturday.  Completely random move for most people!  But at less than half the price it just made more sense. And the kids can more easily play, which seems to have helped tension levels. We play outside with the ball a lot which burns off tons of energy.  And funny enough – a new family came into town on Saturday to stay at the guesthouse – and they only live an hour and a half away!  They adopted three beautiful older girls that Grace loves to play with.  So overall that's been great.  But the internet isn't quite as easy to hook up to now (dial up) so we've been a little less connected.  It figures though – Sunday morning we lost water until yesterday evening.  We were all so filthy!  But it wasn't that bad overall – kind of like camping (I can say that now b/c I showered last night!)


Yesterday (Monday) was a bad day.  Not the kids – they actually had a very good day!  But we ended up having my backpack stolen from a restaurant.  It's a long story, but we left it in one restaurant to go down the road, figured it out and went back and they worker had "no idea" what we were talking about.  Although I was upset we lost the bag (and camera!) we wanted the items back that had no value – in particular Abi's special bag of toys!  The one he carries everywhere.  He's been much better about not needing it in his hand at all times (hence, why it was in the bag).  He was pretty bummed about it, but we were able to 'recreate' it just a bit, which helped.   Fortunately, Mark had been insistent about downloading all our photos just that morning. So we didn't lose any pictures.  That would've been a tragedy – all our photos of Hana with her mother, her sister... I was pretty upset yesterday. But now I'm thankful.  We could've lost the pictures, our passports, money.  That is just part of being careful in a big city. 


Oh and for the record, it is now after 10.  Abenezer JUST took his bite of oatmeal. That was a tough one.  =) 


Sorry for the random post!  I'll try and write more later (that will hopefully make more sense!)


Ted and Jill said...

Thanks for posting. We will probably be crossing over the ocean as we are leaving on Wednesday!


Hang in there. There are days when I cry out still "can I do this" but they are very few and far between now. So very, very glad you didn't lose the pictures of Hana's mom and sister. Hope to see a post that you are heading home soon!
jen in MI