Saturday, March 1, 2008

One Week to Go!

One week from tonight we'll be anxiously trying to sleep. Wondering how we are going to handle 30 hours of traveling. With a six year old. (not even thinking about getting the 5 of us home yet!).

You think our house would just be abuzz with packing, planning, excitement!

You'd be wrong.

Okay, not completely wrong. But it's been a rough week! Nothing like trying to make plans to leave the country for the trip of your lives and to, oh, maybe pick up your children?! and have to work crazy hours too! Which means Mark is working crazy hours. With a cranky baby. And a sick kid. And a sick me. And now he's in bed sick too. Faaaaaaaaaaabulous!

So, it's Saturday night. And I'm working (well, and blogging!) and Ally's scary dog toy keeps setting itself off.

And all I can think about are their smiles.

And that makes this horrible, exciting week all worthwhile. =)

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Farmboy and Buttercup said...

How exciting!!! So it looks like you are taking your 6 yr old. I will definitely have to keep checking out your blog since we hope to take our bio kids, too.

BTW, these 2 are gorgeous!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon. You have some packing to do!