Monday, March 31, 2008

New Normal?

Today was that day I've been waiting for. The first day where it felt more normal than not to have Hana and Abenezer as part of the family. Today was a perfectly normal and uneventful day. It was great. =)

Actually, when I started this post, I thought it might even be a tantrum free day (although there were some minor pout fests by Miss Hana) but Abenezer couldn't quite resist. ;) All in all though, they both have made tremendous progress! Just amazing really.

A couple of things that are going much better than expected are:

1) Food - given the battles we had in ET about this, I really thought we were in for it when we got home! But they have eaten pretty much everything we put in front of them. They don't love it all, but they try everything and will drink their milk and eat their veggies, even if they have grossed out faces (not much different than other kids!). Hana has even really started to like cereal, they both love pizza and sloppy joes (on bread or rice).

2) English - They are picking up a tremendous amount of language! Left and right they are trying out new words. Hana especially is a little mimic and can often guess how to use words right, even if she doesn't completely understand. This is also problematic, because we sometimes think they understand more than they do. So we still have to be careful and miscommunication is common. But we have made a ridiculous amount of progress in 3 weeks.

Back to our completely uneventful day. ;) Ally had to go to the doc today for her 18 month check up, so her and I ventured out alone. She's doing great. She's grown a ton in the last 3 months! She is now in the 75% for height and only 25% for weight. This was a shock since she is such a chunk! Otherwise we just sort of hung out since it was pouring rain all day. Abi and Hana weren't too happy about that since they've been enjoying our swing set most days this week. But we survived. I'll have to run up and give Ally and Gracie a bath soon.

I hope that we find out the parasite situation with Abi and Hana soon so we can mix up the baths a bit. We hope to know more on Wednesday!

That's about it - no great stories to report or anything. Just nice and boring!

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Thankfulmom said...

You've got to have at least one tantrum a day, just to keep in practice!