Saturday, March 22, 2008

Man, this is taking forever!

It is just before 5 p.m. in Addis.  We are about to grab a pizza or something quick and easy for dinner.  Our driver will be here in 2 hours to take us to the airport.  Then we will sit for 3 hours and get on a plane for many hours.  And wait for many hours.  And fly for many hours.
And then we'll be HOME!.
The kids are BEYOND excited.  They have been asking incessently since yesterday "America?  Chow?  America?"  It is very cute, but that is wearing off just a tad.  ;)  But infinitely better than 4 days ago when Hana informed us "no America."  ;)
Today we decided to take our last chance and got out of the city. We went to Debre Zeet (spelling?), which was beautiful.  It is actually where Hana was born, so that was good to see too.  And it was nice to have a distration this morning. The afternoon was mainly spent packing and wrangling kiddos.  We then got driven to the volunteer house to take showers since there is STILL no water here and I was not traveling a million hours without a shower!
Anyways, we are very close to being on our way! 
We are so excited to get home, but it is bittersweet.  It will be hard to leave - it is hard to take the kids away.  Seeing where they grew up makes that a reality.  I know that they will be better off with a family, but the loss of their culture really is tragic.
But enough on the sad stuff. Because we are going home and I'm excited for that!  And so are they!   =)


Stacy and Family said...

We can not wait to have you back home! But, just so you know, we got about 4 inches of snow last night and the weather is cold:( If I get cancelled from work tomorrow, I will see you at the airport. Have a safe trip and I will pray for some sanity for you two on your way back here with three kids!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so totally honest about the range of emotions you have experienced on your journey to add to your family.
4 kiddos? Whew! You are going to have a wild ride!! Congratulations!


Jo said...

Have a safe trip back. And Stacy's right, it's cold here.